Telemetry and level loggers

        LevelSender Equipment

• LevelSender
➙➙ antenna, batteries
• Reader Cable
(LevelSender to DRC)
• 2” Well Cap Assembly
• Support Hanger Bracket
• Free software download
• PC Programming Cable
• Splitter
• Extra Reader Cable
• Direct Read Cables
• Leveloggers
• 4” Well Adaptor         

3001 Levelogger® Edge

The 3001 Levelogger® Edge has improved stability and reliability with the introduction of the new Hastelloy® pressure sensor and Titanium based PVD coating. Both elements add increased corrosion resistance in harsh environments, as well as making readings more stable in extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The Levelogger Edge features a wider temperature compensated pressure range (0 to 50ºC, -10 to 50ºC for Barologger Edge), and improved thermal response time. The Hastelloy sensor can withstand two times overpressure without permanent damage.



LTC Levelogger Junior


LTC Levelogger Junior

  • Conductivity, Level and Temperature datalogging

  • Conductivity range
    0-80,000 µS/cm

  • 2% accuracy

  • 5-year battery

  • Memory for 16,000 datapoints

Low Cost Convenience

  • Compatible with Levelogger Software, accessories, and STS Telemetry Systems

  • Ideal for salinity and saltwater intrusion studies, tracer tests, agricultural and stormwater run-off monitoring

The LTC Levelogger Junior provides the low cost convenience of three measurement parameters in one instrument. It combines conductivity and temperature sensors, pressure transducer, datalogger, memory for 16,000 sets of readings, and a 5-year battery, in a small waterproof housing. It is compatible with Levelogger Series Software, accessories and STS Telemetry Systems. Ideal for salinity studies and a general indication of contamination levels.

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