Controlled Oxygen Release Bioremediation Devices

Waterloo Emitter™:

Engineered for the controlled diffusive release of:

Oxygen for aerobic bioremediation Hydrogen for aerobic bioremediation CO2 for pH adjustment SF6, He, Ar for tracer tests

    • Simple, low cost & low maintenance
    • Controlled, uniform release
    • Patented technology developed at the University of Waterloo
    • Allows access for in situ sampling
      and monitoring

    • Available for 2”, 4” and 8” dia. applications

Enhance Bioremediation

The new Waterloo Emitter™ is designed to assist in-situ remedial biodegradation of MTBE, BTEX and other contaminants. It enables oxygen (or hydrogen for anaerobic remediation) to diffuse through silicone or LDPE tubing in a controlled uniform manner. The simple, low-cost, patented technology consists of a PVC frame wrapped with tubing that can be pressurized to obtain the desired flow of gas, depending on site-specific needs. Sized for 2", 4" & 8" (50, 100 and 200 mm) wells, the units can be stacked in a well and joined from one well to another, to allow the controlled uniform diffusion of gas into the plume.

Remediation Device

The 703 Waterloo Emitter™ is a simple, low cost device for the controlled release of oxygen or other amendments to encourage and sustain the growth of microorganisms required for in-situ bioremediation of contaminated groundwater.

Ideal for the diffusion of oxygen to enhance the bioremediation of BTEX and MTBE. Emitters provide immediate bioavailability of molecular oxygen for aerobic biodegradation enhancement, with no loss of amendment gas due to bubbling.

Available to fit 2”, 4” and 8” (50,100 and 200 mm) wells and boreholes, the Emitters are easy to install and remove. They do not require constant monitoring and attention or electricity.

The 2” (50 mm) system can also be installed through larger direct push casing. Almost any appropriate fluid (gas or liquid) can be used with the Waterloo Emitter diffusion technology to apply specific chemicals to a groundwater plume.









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