Geomechanics & Geophysics

Geokon is committed to providing its customers with outstanding products and services that meet or exceed quality expectations. As a result, Geokon has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 registration from both ANAB, USA and UKAS of Great Britain. Instruments manufactured by Geokon are used primarily for monitoring the safety and stability of civil and mining structures such as dams, tunnels, mine openings, foundations, piles, embankments, retaining walls, slopes, subway systems, underground powerhouses, bridges, culverts, pipelines, shafts, 
slurry wall excavations, braced excavations, tiebacks, nuclear waste repositories, ground
water remediation schemes and the like.
Geokon manufactures a complete line of geotechnical instruments including 
extensometers, strain gauges, piezometers, crackmeters, jointmeters, load cells, 
settlement sensors, pressure cells, inclinometers, data loggersand many other 
custom items made to order. The products section of this web site provides a 
brief description of Geokon's standard product lines. Individual brochures with 
additional information and complete product details are also available. If these 
products do not meet your needs, members of our experienced staff are ready 
to work with you to produce custom instrumentation for special applications. 
Call or write for more information and find out why Geokon has a reputation 
for high quality, reliability and service unequaled in the industry. 
GeoMil offers a wide range of geotechnical equipment  while the focus is on static sounding 
related measuring devices and hydraulic pushing units. The production of GeoMil consists of:
Dutch Cone Penetrometers (trucks, crawlers, trailers, trolleys, etc) CPT, CPTu, seismic cones etc. for geotechnical and environmental investigations Sounding tubes, rods and samplers
Seismic CPT
200KN CPT Crawler
Subtraction Mini Cones
Data Aquisition
GeoSIG has developed a large variety of Strong Motion- and Seismic Recorders, 
Sensors and Civil Engineering Monitoring Systems and provides high quality instruments 
and network Systems.
P.O. Box 53193 Tel Aviv 61531 Israel  Tel. +972-3-6484196, Fax. +972-3-6487483