Drive Point Piezometers and Well Points


                                        615 Drive-Point Piezometers


The 615 Drive-Point Piezometers are cost-effective for initial site investigations, plume delineations, and as low-cost mini well points.
They are excellent for groundwater or soil gas sampling, underground storage tank monitoring, and as sparge points. The stainless steel piezometer point has a 50 mesh screen, uses 3/4” NPT pipe and a sampling tube if higher quality samples are required.


                                                                       660 Drive-Point Profiler   
The 660 Drive-Point Profiler allows collection of groundwater samples from multiple points, at discrete zones, in a single drive. This allows a detailed vertical profile with only one drive of the rig. The profiler tip is connected to a Peristaltic Pump which flushes the profiler tip with de-ionized water during driving to prevent cross contamination and is reversed to obtain a sample. It allows detailed plume delineation quickly and inexpensively. An expendable grout tip is available to allow easy decommissioning.


601 Standpipe Piezometer

Stainless Steel
Drive-Point Piezometers

The Model 615 Drive-Point Piezometersare designed to give field personnel a truly inexpensive method to monitorgroundwater in suitable conditions.

Solinst 615 Drive-PointPiezometers attach to inexpensive 3/4" NPT steel drive pipe which iswidely available through local plumbing and hardware stores.                                                         

High quality samples can beobtained as polyethylene or Teflon® lined tubing is attached to the stainlesssteel drive point piezometers. A shielded version is available which avoidsclogging or smearing of the screen during installation. Sampling and headmeasurements are taken within the tubing with small diameter equipment.

Solinst Drive-Point Piezometerscan be driven into the ground, or the soil at the bottom of a borehole with anydirect push or drilling technology, including a vibrating power hammer or themanual slide hammer above.









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